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Banners are so common on the printing market these days that a lot of companies offer them. They are low-cost and easy to produce, so its up to the consumer to decide on quality. Here are a few FAQs that we've heard that might help you with making a purchasing decision with us or in the future.

  • Full color printing
  • Low Cost
  • Waterproof and durable


How to Hang a Banner

Interior applications

Have no hanging requirements since they are not subject to the elements.

Exterior against a solid surface such as a building

Try and minimize the banner flapping by using screws and washers at every grommet. Rope applications can be used but the goal is to keep the banner as flat to the wall as possible.  The flapping of the banner can quickly ruin the vinyl and print so if it does come undone you need to secure it as quickly as possible.

Exterior free standing banner application

Try and minimize the banner from flapping at all times. Be aware that your banner acts like a sail and it needs to be able to spill the wind to survive in this type of installation. Best application practice is to hang the banner from aircraft wire on the top and bottom and then secure the side grommets to the side support with bungee type cords.  All grommets should be used and attached to the wire in a manner that allows the banner to slide along the wire. Carabiners (climber's hooks) are great and can be purchased at your local hardware depot.

How to hang a vinyl banner outside


Finishing Options

Do I need grommets?

Grommets are metal rings that are punched into the banner material to reinforce the area that will be stressed when hung.  Grommets only need to be used on banners that will be used outside in the weather for a period of time.  If you are using your banner indoors there is no reason for grommets and you can take a standard paper punch and make holes wherever you want for hanging.

Do I need the banner hemmed?

Hemming the banner strengthens the sides so they are less likely to tear.  Hemming is only needed for exterior applications where your banner will be subject to wind.  If you are looking for more strength on the sides then you can reinforce the hem with a webbing that acts like a rope inside the banner hem.  Webbing must be used for large banners that will cross streets and it is suggested for banners that will be free standing and are over 12' across.

Vinyl banner materials

We offer 2 types of vinyl banner materials, one being the standard scrim vinyl which is for most one sided banners, and the other is a blockout material that is made of 3 layers of vinyl with the middle layer being a black light blocking material.

Vinyl Banner material comes in different thicknesses and they are based on the weight per square yard. The 13oz banner will weight 13oz for every 9sf (16oz = 1ob). The higher the "oz" the thicker the material is. The actual thickness of the material is also close to the weight with a 13oz banner thickness of .013, and 10 oz at .010.

Standard Vinyl Banner: A good utility thickness is 13oz, which is used in 75% of the banners we make. It will last for a couple of years outdoors as long as it is not allowed to flap in the wind. A 10oz material will not last outside for very long and with the price difference being so small we generally don't recommend it. We have this material in widths up to 98" and we also have the capability of sewing sections together to make even wider banners.

Blockout Banner Material: Generally used for banners that might be 2 sided or where you don't want light to come through the back of the banner. If you did a 2 sided standard vinyl street banner the image from the back would show through slightly and make the banner harder to read. A blockout banner will stop most of the light from coming through with the black middle layer of vinyl being opaque. Use blockout whenever there may be a back light source that you don't want to come through. Blockout is also more dimensionally stable because of it's 3 layer construction and will be smoother and lay flatter. We recommend the blockout banners for trade shows because of it's smooth and flat appearance. We carry this material in 15oz and up to 98" width.



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