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Trade show booths are one of the best ways to get in front of your target market. With the prices of some of these shows, you only have one chance to make a good impression. Depending on your brand, your booth should portray your values accurately. If you would like to speak one on one with a representative from Blue Wave Printing, please contact us.

Zip Stand - Top Recommended

Very durable components make up this frame that assembles by push buttons. The fabric simply slides over the frame after it has been set up, keeping most of the frame hidden and highlighting your graphic. The whole system is relatively lightweight, and while it takes a little longer to set up versus a pop up, the result is a clean and professional-looking backdrop.  Our top-rated portable display for any event and most popular size is the 10'x8' Fabric Zip Stand. Also known as Stretch Fabric Tube Frames, this is the only large backdrop currently offered with second-side printing and 10ft height option. Curved styles are offered as well as Zip Combos that allow for different sizes to assemble together with a shared foot creating display sizes at any width.

Pop Up - Fastest Setup 

The tension fabric pop ups have replaced the traditional carpeted wall panel displays. This frame is the quickest setup of all the backdrops, but because of the moving parts, the frame components can be broken if taken down improperly. If the same person is setting up/breaking down and looking to be on the road minutes after the show, then this is the system for you. The side endcaps provide extra space for more imagery/branding but keep in mind, the depth of the straight pop up is almost a foot and even more for the curved style. Take a look at difference between the 8x8 Straight Pop Up and the 8x8 Curved Pop Up.

Jumbo Stand - Budget Friendly 

Jumbo frames are a common display when on a tight budget. Fabric graphics are recommended over vinyl as fabric is more contemporary and much more inviting. Fabric also folds down for ease of travel while vinyl is rolled up making a long tube to carry/ship. Set up can take a while but gets easier after you get the hang of it. You will see the side poles of this but it is our only telescoping frame, so we can make any custom size banner up to 10’w x 8’h.

Hanging Fabric - Honorable Mention

This style does not come with a frame but can still be a good choice for your backdrop. Simply choose the finishing (grommets or pole pockets) that will work for where it will be hung. This could be on the existing pipe and drape system (check with the trade show center to make sure this is allowed) or your own frame. Since there is no frame, travel is light and easy. Printed with the same dye sublimation process as our backdrops with frames, this is another good budget-friendly option. Grommets in the bottom corners are recommended to pull the banner as tight as possible to eliminate any wrinkles/ripples naturally caused by hanging.

Designing Your Booth

Setting the background for your trade show booth is very important when trying to acquire more customers. The best booths have a simple image of the product or service with minimal text. Rely on the smaller marketing materials to the front of the booth to explain more details about the product and use the backdrop to set the atmosphere of the booth.

Printing for trade show requires lightweight solutions to allow for easy travel. Blue Wave Printing also prints foam board signs, retractable banners, and table throws to complete your booth.

Blue Wave for Booth Backdrops

Blue Wave Printing and Display has a great track record for orders, please take a look at our Google and Facebook Reviews. Since 1990, Blue Wave Printing has been shipping products from Connecticut all over the United States. Started out with printing custom photo calendars, the company has increased their production capabilities with two moves in location between 2015 and 2017. The printing facility has multiple large format fabric printers in order to keep up with the high demand of trade show fabric. From approval to print, the process is quick. Follow the product category links above to find out how long each product will take to print. Most trade show backdrops are 3-5 days production with the option for 24 hour production. Combine the 24 hour production with Next Day Shipping and you can have a fully printed, customized trade show backdrop on the 2 business days after ordering.