Life-Size Cut Outs

The most common place for life-size cutouts is in the front of a store in populated area, such as a mall, to attract attention to the store. Malls and shopping centers have a lot of competition all around them, so store owners try to attract customers in fun and different ways. Having a person inviting the customers in or explaining the monthly deal is a fun way to attract attention.

Send us a full body photo and we will cut out around your person. Choose from a variety of sizes (or whatever size you want) to get exactly life size.

All of our cutouts are waterproof. If you are putting up your life size cutout outdoors, then make sure you ballast it down to keep it from blowing away.

Normal 2-3 Day Production; Larger quantities may take longer.

  • Full color printing on corrugated plastic
  • Real life size
  • Weatherproof