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A Frames, or sandwich signs are portable sign frames that can be placed on a sidewalk outside or on a floor indoors.  Signs can be changed easily on most of our A Frames.

24x36 Plastic A Frames

These are the deluxe version of this type of sign stand.  The sign face can be easily changed by slipping the old one out and slipping a new one in.  The lesser versions of this you need to attach the sign with screws or velcro (we don't sell these).  

On these deluxe A frames you can also add weight to the frame by either adding water or sand to the inside of the frame.  There are ports on the top of the frame that can be opened and sand or water be poured in.  Be careful with water in cold climates, as freezing of the water will break the frame.

We sell these frames as "Frame Only" or Frame with signs included.  Also replacement signs for these are always available, and they just slip in.


24x36 Lightweight A Frame Sign

A quick and easy A Frame sign that can be used indoors and out.  This frame simply uses the sign board as the frame along with some folds and velcro.  Inexpensive and easy to ship and move.  The center can be weighted if needed.  We also sell a center support to help if you are outside in the wind.  This center support will help the sign from flexing.

Your graphics/message is printed directly on these signs so you would need to replace the whole sign if you wanted to change the graphics.



A Frame Replacement Graphics


Get a new graphic print for your existing A Frame.  These can be used on most standard frames like Plasticade  Brand and any other brand that has the same size.  Printed on a durable 4mm corro board these are waterproof.

Need a custom size sign face?  Place an order for the size board that fits your sign dimensions inside of it - for instance you need a 22x35 sign, choose the 24x36 sign and in the comments just tell us the size you want us to cut it to.  We cannot make more than the one outside cut on any file.