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Pop Up Displays can create a graphic wall for an event or trade show in seconds. Fastest setup of all the portable walls and folds down to a convenient carry size. All fabric is printed using a dye sublimation process that is very durable, washable, and has an inviting soft look. Step up to fabric for your next event and feel the difference. Add lights and really set yourself apart. Many sizes to choose from and we can also custom build different size displays to meet your requirements.

Custom printed portable pop up displays and custom backdrops for trade shows and events.

Normal 4 Day Production; Rush Production Upgrade Options Available

  • Easy setup
  • Changeable graphics
  • Easel back option
  • Folds down small for easy transportation & storage
  • Quantity discounts can be found on the product page

7 Reasons to Use a Pop Up Display for Trade Shows


When you're at a trade show, regardless of the type, you need to bring people to your booth throughout the event. The whole point is to draw attention to your business or product, and failing to do that means wasted time and money. 

One key piece of equipment in your fight to gain attention is the pop-up display. There are many different types of displays, but a pop-up one offers a few benefits over the others. 

Here are seven reasons you should include one in your trade show repertoire. 

1. Customizing Trade Show Displays

A big benefit of using a pop-up trade show display is just how customizable it can be. You can have them made as large or as small as you want, with any graphic design.   Graphics are easily replaceable in a few minutes.  See our replacement graphics section for pricing.

Want a couple of pillar-style displays surrounding your booth? No problem. 

More interested in a large curved display to act as a trade show backdrop? Have it custom ordered. 

The fabric used to construct pop-up displays are easy to clean and launder, and you can order multiple covers just in case the one you're using needs to be updated.  You can also easily order a new fabric design without needing to purchase another stand for it. Replace it as needed.

2. Portability

Usually, getting all of your equipment ready for a trade show is quite an ordeal. While the event may provide a table, you have to find a way to present your product to attendees. 

The key advantage to a pop-up display is how easy it is to move around. They break down into a compact, lightweight package that can easily be carried by a single person. You can eliminate shipping and storage costs by transporting it in the backseat of your car. 

As a result, they also set up very easily. You don't have to worry about power cords or lighting to make them work. They aren't super heavy displays, either. 

Many displays are so compact that you can have them as a carry-on for flights. 

3. Easy to Assemble

Good portable trade show displays are usually easy to break down and easy to assemble. There's nothing worse than something that's supposed to disassemble for your convenience that is anything but convenient. 

Pop-up displays are made specifically for fast, easy assembly. No tools needed. While it may come with lighting elements, they should snap into place. 

Some displays can be set up in as little as under a minute, depending on their design. One person is more than enough to get your booth display up and ready.

Custom signs are another great option for your booth, but they don't travel nearly as well.

4. Reusable

Although a high-quality trade show display may be built to last, there's not much you can do when it breaks or tears, which is inevitable when they're large and bulky.

Even though a pop-up display is meant to be broken down for easy transport, it's not cheaply made. They're highly reusable, made out of sturdy frames and replaceable panels. You can custom-order additional panels in advance if you're worried something might happen to one. 

If your marketing strategy changes, you can replace the panels with upgraded designs. The frames are also modular, meaning you can use a single set with multiple sized panels for different-sized booths. 

5. Affordable

Trade shows are already an investment of your time and money. After all, you need to buy the supplies to advertise your product and take a day off work to do so. 

When people think of trade show booths, they think of free giveaways, gift certificates, prizes, and more. You already have so much to spend on, why not save money on your display?

Pop-up displays provide a cost-effective option due to their reusability, stunning custom visuals, and adjustable size. Because they break down into a small package, you don't need to rent a van to transport it or tools to set it up. 

6. No Power Needed

Not every trade show is going to take place in a space with running or accessible power. Even if it does, you might run into some difficulties getting power access wherever your booth is located.

While a pop-up display isn't going to match a fancy widescreen television that can display your entire product line with audio and visual elements, it also doesn't require electricity. They're perfect to use in whatever situation you find yourself in. 

7. Attention-Grabber

When you're surrounded by hundreds of booths at a trade show, you need to stand out amongst the crowd. One of the most common ways to do so is through trade show gimmicks. 

Photo booths, airzookas, and raffles are some of the ways booths get people to check them out and come back for more. However, you should always start by making your booth as presentable as possible. 

Pop-up displays can be made smaller to highlight your other pieces, or they can serve as large backdrops with your brand name emblazoned upon them. 

Make it bright and beautiful to catch everyone's attention or use the extra space to showcase your product line. Use the extra time you don't have to spend putting it together to network with other brands. 

Pair it with a large banner or customized signs to seal the deal.

Improve Your Booth With a Pop Up Display

Some people think the best way to dominate a trade show is to throw as much as you can at attendees. After all, a company that can spend the most on free giveaways must be successful to some degree. You can't forget about the basics, however.

A pop-up display provides convenience, affordability, and portability. Whether you're a start-up or a successful enterprise, they should be a fundamental part of your trade show kit. 

If you're in need of a custom order or have any questions, reach out to us for help.