Can Someone Put a Political Sign in My Yard?

Can Someone Put a Political Sign in My Yard?

Posted by Eric Hagelin on 26th Dec 2023

There are often designated areas around town that multiple parties are allowed to put up political signage. You can check with local municipalities to know for sure. 

If your neighbor is exercising their right for freedom of speech in the form of a political sign, they are allowed to put up a sign in their own yard. We would suggest getting your own yard signs to show your opinions and help get votes passed or candidates into office. 

Your neighbor and anyone else is NOT allowed to put up a sign on your private property. 

Political Yard Signs

Hey there! Do you know about those political signs you see around town, especially when it's time to vote? Well, it's important to know where it's okay to put these signs and what the rules are. Let's talk about it!

1. Where Can We Put Political Signs? 

In lots of places, there are special spots where you can put political signs. These places are picked by the people who help run your town or city. Before you think about putting up a sign, check with them to know the right places to do it. This way, you won't accidentally break any rules.

2. Signs in Your Own Yard Guess what? 

If you or your neighbors want to show who you support in an election, you can put up a sign in your own yard! This is a part of being free to say what you think, which is really important. But remember, everyone has different opinions, and that's okay.

3. Making Your Own Sign 

If you see a sign in your neighbor's yard and you don't agree with it, you can make your own sign for your yard. This is a great way to share what you believe in and help people you like get elected. It's like being a part of a big team!

4. Keep Off Other People's Yards 

One big rule: You can't put your sign in someone else's yard without asking them. There's a big difference between public property and private property. Please respect others' private property. 


Political signs are a cool way for people to show what they think about who should lead and make decisions in our government. By knowing where and how to put up these signs, we can all share our ideas the right way. And remember, every sign and every voice is important in making our community a great place!