How to focus your branding



Same Frame - Different Graphics

Laser focus your marketing efforts from one event to the next. “Hit the nail on the head” is a common term in marketing and we can apply this by creating multiple designs for your booth backdrop. When it’s this easy to change your brand imagery, it just makes sense to create different designs that target certain events. Whether you're changing up graphics from winter events to summer events or targeting homeowners at a craft fair then targeting business owners at a trade show, zip stands are the versatile answer.

How easy it is to change graphics?

When setting up and taking down a zip stand, you’re going to be putting on this “pillow-case” style graphic after the frame is assembled. Whether you're putting on the winter show graphic or the summer show graphic, it won’t make a difference because it’s the exact same setup process.

Save money by reusing the frame

Zip stand frames are built to last and you only need to purchase one. After your one-time frame purchase, you can buy multiple graphics to switch out as many times as you need for event after event.

How to focus your branding

You’re already spending money to be at an event, make the most of it. Focus your efforts on creating leads with your target client. Let’s say your company sells insurance and your target audience for trade show A is primarily homeowners. You’ll want to have a design that shows their most important asset, their home. Then your branding will be simple and to the point with messaging that talks about only one of your products, your home insurance service. Although your company may also sell liability insurance for work, that can be cross-sold at a later time. If your company is then going to trade show B in the next month and that event is primarily comprised of entrepreneurs, then you’ll want your design to include business-specific graphics and talk about your liability insurance only. This design change of graphics and services will help generate laser-focused leads.