Step and Repeat Design Package Details

We Can Setup your Media Step & Repeat Design

Don't have a print ready file for your media backdrop? No problem, we can set up your step and repeat design for up to 2 logos! Simply add the Step & Repeat Design Setup Package to your order.

We have designed 4 different styles to choose, making it easier than ever to customize your media background. Provide us with your high resolution logo(s) and we will get you a proof of the artwork prior to printing, so you'll know exactly what it looks like before it goes to print. If you are not happy with the proof or have a change, there is 1 design revision included with the step and repeat logo design setup package.

Approximate total logo area is 11" x 7"

Here's what you get with our Step and Repeat Design Setup Package

  • Step and repeat design set up for up to 2 logos
  • Pick from 4 design style choices
  • Choice of color background
  • Digital proof before printing
  • 1 design revision, if needed

PLEASE NOTE: The basic design setup package does not cover editing logos or images. You will need to provide a high resolution or vector logo or image for the design set up, if you need adjustments to those files you will need to do it on your end and re-submit the logo/image. In some situations we can make "simple" adjustments, however, this will incur additional design time fees.

Media Step & Repeat Design Style Choices

Logos fill an area of approx. 11" x 7" and you have 4 different design style choices.

Step and repeat design set up choices

Design Choice 1: Logo(s) will be offset at 50% every other row

Design Choice 2: Logo(s) will be lined up in even rows

Design Choice 3: Logo(s) will cascade across, going off the edges

Design Choice 4: Logo(s) will be offset at 50% every other row and 1 large logo in the middle (large logo fits into approx. 36"x36" space)

Do you need more than the basic step and repeat design package?

Do you have more than 2 logos?

We can setup a step and repeat design for up to a maximum 5 logos, for an extra $10 per logo after 2 logos.

Do you have more than 5 logos?

If you have more than 5 logos, then the project would move into full design time set up at $125 hour. Please contact our customer service team to receive a custom quote on your step and repeat design set up.

Do you want your logo(s) larger?

If you want your logo(s) larger than the designated 11"x7" area then this put push your order into design time at $125 hour as we will have to adjust our setup processes to accommodate the larger sizing.

Do you want your step and repeat design set up in a specific design outside of the 4 design layout choices?

In this case your design idea or concept will need to be reviewed by our team to make sure we are able to accommodate the design set up in house. If we can do it, design time is billed at $125 hour, if we are unable to do it in house we will recommend you to a freelance graphic designer. Contact our team with your idea.

PLEASE NOTE: Our graphic packages and/or design time fees are non-refundable. If you choose to cancel your order you will still be responsible for the design package / design time fees and they will not be refunded.

For custom quotes we are available:

Monday - Friday, with the exception of holidays

8:30am - 5pm EST