Things to Consider when Choosing a Backdrop Display


Trade shows are the most popular place to use your fabric backdrop, however, they are used in many other ways as well such as a photo shoot backgrounds, zoom meeting back walls, media events, parties, photo booths, grand openings and much more. Let’s face it, backdrops are expensive and the larger and fancier the backdrop is the more it costs. You want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck by picking the most versatile backdrop for your needs.

Easily transported

When choosing a backdrop, you’ll want to consider how often you’ll be transporting it or traveling with it. If it’s something that is going to stay stationary then this won’t matter too much, but if you plan to use it a lot at different places or even plan to bring it on a plane with you then you’ll want to choose a backdrop that is light weight and breaks down into a smaller more manageable size.

Our Zip Stands and Pop-Up Displays are perfect for people who plan to transport/travel with their backdrops. The zip stand frames break down into smaller sections and fit in a small carrying bag. The Pop Ups collapse into a smaller section making it more manageable to move around.

Printed Graphic Material

When picking a backdrop, you will want to consider the material the graphic is printed on. It will really affect how it’s transported, set up or taken care of. In our experience dye sublimation printed fabric is the best material for backdrops.

The fabric is soft and inviting and it can be washed and folded for travel/storage. The dye sublimation process permanently dyes the fabric with a vivid high-quality print.

Vinyl tends to be a little harder, since it can only be rolled and not folded, you will need to walk around with a 8ft tube that tends to get pretty heavy. If you get wrinkles in the vinyl graphic then it’s there forever, no getting them out.

Easy to set up

The easier it is to set up a display the better. You’ll want to choose something that fits your needs, taking into consideration how much time you will have to set up, how much space/room you have to set up the frame and how many people you’ll have to help out.

Some frames take a little bit more work such as the Jumbo Frames, these frames can be set up with 1 person, however, it is faster with 2 or more. You’ll need some ground space to lay out all the poles, these poles also are telescoping so they’ll need to be measured out which can be a little time consuming. The end displays still looks great, but it is one of our most time-consuming displays.

Other frames set up very quickly and does not take much ground space such as the Pop-Up Displays. The Pop-Up frames simply pull up and out, then snap the connectors together to hold the frame open. The fabric stays on the frame so no need to lay it down. This works great if you are setting up in tight spaces such as a trade show booth. This is one of the easiest and fastest displays to set up.

Changeable graphics

If you really want to get good use of your backdrop you will want to choose a display where the graphics can be easily replaced. This way you can continue to use the frame for multiple events, simply swap out the graphics.

Take it up a notch with our Zip Stands, these babies have the capability of being double sided, you can virtually get 2 backdrops in one, simply turn the frame around and you have a second graphic! Replacement graphics for the Zip stands are also incredibly easy to use, just use the new fabric instead of the old fabric. The fabric folds up for easy storage.

Different Uses

Get creative and consider using your backdrop not only for your trade show but set it up in the office as a zoom back wall or leave it in the conference room where customers and/or employees can take pictures in front of. Our Step and Repeat Media Backdrops are perfect for this type of thing, it puts your name out there as people post pictures of themselves in front of your logo backdrop on social media.

The most cost-effective backdrop display will be used many times for different events/displays. If you can easily transport, easily set up and change out the graphics then you have a great backdrop that is versatile for different uses.