Why Vinyl Instead of Paper for Posters?


Vinyl is quickly becoming the popular replacement to the standard paper poster print. With the added durability it ships safer and is waterproof. The vinyl that we use to create vinyl posters is made with three layers of vinyl. The first layer being the white layer, a middle block-out layer, and a third white layer for the back. These three layers together make for a print that lays flat. A common misconception to vinyl is that there will be weave (scrim) lines showing in the print as with the traditional 13oz outdoor banner, but the three-layer vinyl has a smooth surface just like paper does.

These lay-flat vinyl posters allow for creativity in placement around a business or home. Without the need for frames like traditional paper requires to lay flat, the vinyl poster is able to be placed directly on the wall with thumbtacks or command strips. In the picture below we can see a restaurant creating a collage with decorative thumbtacks and lay flat vinyl posters.