Portable Banner Stands


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Pull Up Banners

Fastest setup of all the portable banner stands we have. Your graphics are printed on a high quality vinyl and retracted into the base. 

How to set up a pull up banner and stand

Remove the stand from the case and put feet first on the ground.  Assemble the pole, and if you are using our Professional (Pro Series) then extend the telescopic top piece to the black line we have set on the pole.  Our team has set this mark to make it easy for you to set up.  Once the pole is set up, grab the top bar from the top of the stand and pull up.  If you are setting up a full size 84" or 92" stand, then an easy trick is to hold the pole and walk back from the stand as you pull up the banner.  By moving back you will be able to attach the top rail to the pole at eye level, then when attached simply walk back and set the stand up vertically.

Retracting you banner stand

For this process you will need to again lean the stand back and remove the pole from the top bar and slowly retract it into the base.  On most occasions the banner will track to one side or the other.  Simply lift the banner back up and straighten it out and lower again.  Repeat this process until the banner is inside the base.

Fabric Zip Stands

Our most widely used stand for portable banners.  The frame is easy to set up and the fabric is stretched over the frame making it look like a more permanent structure.  The most professional looking display and also it can be 2 sided and the graphics can easily be changed.

X Banner

A lightweight and inexpensive way to display your banner.  The plastic X frame on back bends and clips into your grommeted banner in the 4 corners.  

How to set up an X banner stand;

Assemble the frame by attaching the sections together.  You will end up with a part of the frame that looks like an X with a leg off the back.  Simply attach the corners of the X to the 4 corners on the banner and you should be good to go.

L Banner Stand

L banner stands are a combination of a lightweight frame and banner.  The banner comes attached with a top and bottom bar.  The pole then tensions up the banner to form a free standing banner.

How to set up an L Banner Stand

Remove the frame from the case and spin the foot 90 degrees to the bottom bar.  Then assemble the pole and attach it to the back of the foot and then attach to the top bar on the banner.  This may take some bowing of the pole, but your banner should be able to stand straight up with some adjustment.

Banner Stand Turn Around

We are able to turn banner stands around quickly because we keep a large inventory in stock for larger orders. After an order is placed a customer representative will reach out to you to make sure that your graphic is good to print. Approve the proof sent by your assigned representative and we get started printing. 

Blue Wave Printing for Banner Stands

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