Reviewing Your Digital Proof

You received your digital proof, now what? It’s important that you review the proof carefully and ask any questions, if necessary, prior to approving the proof. Once the proof is approved your order moves very quickly into production and unfortunately, we are not able to stop the order once it has started printing.

We use an automated file checking software called “Preflight” along with sizing software that shows you what it should look like. Additionally, we have a graphics team here to help review your files to make sure they will print correctly. Although we have a great Preflight program and highly knowledgeable graphics team, we still may miss things. It’s very important that you and/or your graphic designer look over the proof for accuracy and review any preflight flags and notes from our graphics team prior to approving the proof.

Our Preflight can find:

  • Low resolution images but cannot tell us which one it is.
  • Wrong size files.
  • Pantone colors used.

Our Preflight cannot find:

  • Spelling/grammar errors.
  • Transparencies, lenses, drop shadows or gradients.
  • Low resolution images that have been modified to appear high resolution.
  • Color accuracy

NOTE: Our graphics team does not proof read print ready files, great if we do catch an error, however, the proof reading should be done during the proofing process or even better prior to submitting your files.

Please take your time to review each proof carefully before hitting the "Approve" button.

Check for the following:

  • Preflight errors, if any
  • Graphics notes in chat box
  • Substrate (material), if applicable
  • Finishing, if applicable
  • Size
  • Spelling / grammar
  • Composition
  • Quantities
  • Colors

*Any errors contained in the proof will print on the final product. By approving the proof, you are taking responsibility for any errors or omissions. Revisions or changes after proof approval may incur additional re-printing fees. Any mistake made on our part will be corrected without charge. We are not responsible for errors or omissions after the order has been approved and printed.

NOTE: Our production team is not reviewing your artwork for errors, they are ensuring the product is of high quality and free of any defects, however, sometimes they may catch errors in the artwork. If our team happens to find an error during printing/production then you will be notified as quickly as possible. You will have the options to proceed with the order as is or to purchase a re-print.

Avoid Costly Reprints

You can avoid costly reprints by first and foremost submitting a print ready file that has been prepped per our Design Specs for Print Ready Files. Second review the proof carefully and review any Preflight errors and notes our graphics team made in the chat box prior to approving the proof.

If you find you need to update your graphics, simply click “Reject” and let our team know you will be submitting a new file .If you need to re-submit your file please be aware this will delay the processing/production on your order. You will receive a new proof for every file submitted and nothing goes into production until you have officially approved it in our preflight program.